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To create your    all we need is a small sample, about 1-gram, of hair and/or nails. This genetic sample contains your DNA with your genetic code and is put through a special process that transforms it into a chemical composition.

This mixture containing your unique body ingredients is mixed with a compound that has the same light refractive index as a diamond. Next, the diamond is prepared for the final process. Advanced laser and polishing technology allows us to make entry points in the diamond if necessary where your essence is injected.

Under high pressure and high temperature the compound containing your genetic material is infused into the diamond, encapsulating your very own essence within a diamond for eternity.

When you give a    you are also giving a "piece" of your essence to a loved one. They will keep this diamond and your love and strength close to their heart always.

  is also a symbol of a bond between two individuals who wish to express their commitment to each other by providing ingredients to a single essence that will be combined together forever.

The Process is patented and can be tested to confirm that the human body essence is encapsulated within the diamond. Using non-destructive tests with an electronic microscope: SEM technology, assures the contents of the diamond.

Just think of the people that will be have comfort having you near them 24/7, giving them strength, reassurance, powers, energy and many other psychological support that many people need, in everyday life.

Order your  , for both men and women.

Also, give your    to each family member and friends who wish to keep you close to their heart always.

To purchase a  :

Send by registered mail a small sample of your hair (2-3 pieces) or a piece of one nail and a cheque to:

11810 Kingsway Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta. Canada
T5G 0X5

In only 45 business days you will receive at your home your    by insured registered airmail or FedEx.

You can keep your    as a loose diamond or have it mounted in a pendant or ring.