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  • A promotion
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  • Bat Mitzvah
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  is your diamond identity. Your living cells are transformed into your personal essence and encapsulated within the most eternal material in the world - the diamond.

  is a gift of life. Your DNA is transformed and infused into a diamond for eternity.

  is a symbol of the bond between two individuals who wish to express their commitment to each other by providing ingredients to a single essence that will be combined together forever.

  is a symbol of a milestone that incorporates your personal essence within a diamond for eternity.

  is a family heirloom Your loved ones will have you close to their heart always.

Click here to design your
Diamond Signature

Once your has been created, you can have it inscribed as you desire with a meaningful phrase or the date of the celebration.

Available in sizes ranging from 1/4 to two carats, these precious gems can be sculpted in different cuts and a variety of unique colors including green, blue and yellow. To keep your celebration close to your heart, you can also have the gem mounted in a gold or platinum ring or pendant.

  are born of Mother Nature. Your Diamond Grading Report attests to this, providing information on cut, clarity and color.